A Review of Oranum Psychic Network

Oranum refers to itself as the Spiritual Community, and that is exactly what it is. Oranum has a very different user experience than other psychic service providers. It looks different, the community’s different and even the readings are different. But different doesn’t always mean bad.

The Best Psychic Advisors on Oranum

Oranum.com has created what can only be called the Facebook of psychic services. It offers you a free sign up and allows you to interact with both the psychics and the other customers of the site.

Each psychic at Oranum has what is called “a hall.” In their hall, you can see things they’ve posted, their friends, pictures and groups. The hall also gives you information on how many people the psychic has helped and each psychic’s skills and experiences. Their hall also gives you information, such as the psychic’s bio and schedule. This allows you to always know when your psychic is online and available to do a reading.

If you see something you like in someone’s hall, whether it’s a comment posted by a customer, a quote or a picture, you can mark it “cool” which is the equivalent of a Facebook like. This helps to build community interactions and relationships between psychic and client.

Each psychic at Oranum interacts with the community via their webcam. When they are “in,” they have their webcam on and are talking to members openly. If you see someone you would like to have a private reading with, you simply click the Start a Private Reading and as long as you have credits in your account, your private video chat and personal reading starts with that psychic.

Oranum is one of the only psychic providers that doesn’t offer phone calls. Instead, all readings are done via webcam, where you can actually see your psychic while talking to them, or through chat. This encourages honesty and tends to make people more comfortable and relaxed during their reading.


Oranum.com offers a free membership to its customers. Once you sign up, you’re able to interact with the community, comment on psychic’s halls and interact with them via webcam. You are not able to do private readings until you have credits in your account.

Oranum, like many psychic service providers, works through a credit system. You put money into an account and it’s stored there until you use it on a reading. While the prices differ among psychics, prices range from 99 cents to ten dollars, depending on a variety of factors including the experience of the psychic, their rating and how long they have been with Oranum.

Bonus Features

  • Like other psychic service providers, they offer a wide variety of areas its psychics specialize in. These include readings on love and relationships, home and family, mind and body, career and business, health and healing, traveling and relocation.
  • Oranum goes beyond what you see at other psychic service providers though. It features psychics specialized in areas like clairvoyance, dream interpretation, rituals and energy and chakra healing.
  • Oranum also specializes in horoscopes and not only the traditional Western style. It also has specialist with extensive knowledge in Mayan and Aztec horoscopes who can give you a different perspective on how the planets and stars impact you.
  • Oranum.com offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the reading you received from one of its psychics, you simply have to contact customer service. Your refund should be available within 48 hours.
  • The webcam options put it in a different league than its competitors. Yes, it’s different than what most people expect, but sometimes different is good. Watching your psychic via webcam, especially before purchasing a reading, can help you immensely in deciding what psychic is best for you. The added bonus of being able to chat with them live before making the decision if you want a reading from them is unprecedented in other psychic services. This alone makes it worthwhile to give Oranum a try. After all, the site does offer a satisfaction guarantee.


  • One of the downsides is that its customer service department is only available through email. There is no phone number to reach them at. And although they will most likely get back to you within 24 hours, they do not guarantee to have the issue resolved in under 48 hours.
  • Unless you join Oranum.com, which includes giving a user name, email address and choosing a password, you aren’t able to find out a lot about the program. You can’t see the specific rates of psychics or know how much each charges for their readings.
  • Another downfall is that their psychics only communicate via online chat and video call. If you like to talk with your psychic on the phone, Oranum will not meet those needs.
  • It’s also difficult to use Oranum unless you’re some place completely private. Due to the nature of video calls, anyone in the immediate area will hear the conversation you’re having with your psychic, which will most likely interfere with the experience of the reading and its reliability.
  • Although it’s set up different, their website looks unprofessional and is somewhat chaotic to go through. It has a cheap feel to it which may discourage users from the onset. Its Facebookish feel may turn those users who are not Facebook friendly away.


Oranum offers a different style of psychic reading. If you’ve found yourself dissatisfied with the disconnect you feel with a psychic on the phone or via online chat, consider Oranum your diamond in the rough. It allows you a different kind of face to face experience that is not offered by any other major psychic service providers.

You may find the face-to-face option exceeds your expectations, regardless of the lack of phone options and the less professional website. As far as psychic provider that deal specifically with webcams and video chat, Oranum is the best out there, offering a great design with each psychic’s hall, free, live chats with psychics and the ability to get to know how each psychic handles things before you purchase a reading.