4 Tips For Finding The Proper Shampoo For Your Dog

dog washingDogs need to be bathed occasionally hence the need to select the appropriate shampoo. Their fur and skin attracts pests, debris and dirt which can result in health complications. A smelly dog can cause a home to smell up fast, and get bedding and furniture filthy.

It is advisable that you don’t use products meant for humans to wash your dog, despite the fact that you love how they smell. They are not designed for use on dogs. On the other hand, you should not also use detergent; since it may be caustic which could burn your dog’s skin. The added perfumes and chemicals from these kinds of products might also result in allergic reactions or make the dog’s skin worse. The powerful smells can be irritating to its highly sensitive nose too. Below are 4 tips for choosing the right shampoo for your dog

Determine the ingredients in the shampoo.

Search for a shampoo made particularly for dogs with healthy ingredients like oatmeal and aloe for cleaning and moisturizing. When purchasing dog shampoo, always remember that an adult dog might have various needs and sensitivities compared to a puppy. Therefore, ensure you purchase products suitable for your dog’s age.

Ask your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will be resourceful in helping you find the appropriate shampoo. There might even be a supply of what you require to purchase in your veterinarian’s office. However, not every vet office is aware of all available products or they might be promoting limited products. Word of mouth is usually an ideal resource of finding a good product. Ask family or friends with dogs, informed workers or trainers regarding the shampoo they use on dogs.

Ensure you read labels.

Go through the list of contents and the labels in the shampoos to know whether you are buying the appropriate product for your pooch. They are not all similar and are not designed for use by all dogs. Various shampoos might be used for varying purposes. A number might be medicated for a particular condition. A dog suffering from fleas, too much dry skin or any other particular condition will require the appropriate shampoo for that specific problem. Using the wrong product might cause the skin problem to exacerbate contrary to eliminating it.

Medicated dog shampoos.

Similar to humans, numerous dogs require more specialized shampoos, for instance, if they have itchy, dry skin. If this is the problem with your dog, it is advised that you seek your vet’s approval prior to buying. A number of medicated shampoos can help but could also worsen the problem if not right for your dog. Do your research on Amazon.com medicated shampoo for dogs to find ones that are well-reviewed and then ask your vet for his/her opinion.